Posted on September 30, 2021

I remember the first time meeting the post-secondary student advisor from my home reserve of Fisher River Cree Nation, I had never met anyone from here before and I was nervous.  I was nervous because for basically my whole life I have struggled with knowing how to identify….MORE

Posted on May 11, 2021

A year of mourning. A year of waiting. A year of wishing for what could have been.

A year of rejoicing. A year of praying. A year of giving thanks for what was.

To mourn, to wait, and to wish for what could have been is a normal response in a year like this one was…MORE

Posted on March 22, 2021

In a world that is very quickly moving online, it can be hard to believe that a college student like myself would be writing a post to try to convince you that classes are better in person. But it’s the truth! There’s something about smelling the dorm student sitting next to you who clearly stayed up late doing homework and didn’t have time for a shower…just kidding, that’s definitely not one of the benefits, though it would be a great opportunity to practice grace…MORE

Posted on February 2, 2021

I opened my laptop to write my first blog post of 2021 which also happens to be my second blog post (total) on this page. I had just had a meeting with my supervisor and had written down some fun and creative ideas for this year’s blog, but when I sat down to actually write what I had originally planned, it just didn’t feel right…MORE

Posted on January 6, 2021

“Work” does not always get favourable press.  It is often viewed as a necessary evil, simply there to provide for our leisure, which is erroneously understood to be the goal of life.  But that was never God’s intent…MORE

Posted on December 23, 2020

Christmas cards with idyllic scenes of Bethlehem are not the Bethlehem of today or the town at the birth of Jesus…MORE

Posted on December 16, 2020

The year was 1990.  My wife and I had traveled from South Eastern Manitoba back to Alberta to make a very special delivery to our family. I will never forget sitting in my grandmother’s living room to present her with a wonderful gift…MORE

Posted on November 19, 2020

Our theme passage of Scripture for this academic year is from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. “Rejoice always,pray continually,give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” I continue to be amazed with our students at how they are living out these three short verses while dealing with the changing scenarios due to COVID…MORE

Posted on October 6, 2020

As I hopped off the one of many vehicles in the Winkler Bible Camp parking lot, I thought to myself, Well, here we go. Yet another thing that has been changed by this pandemic.MORE

Posted on May 20th, 2020

The Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) is now available  for students!…MORE

Posted on March 20th, 2020

The final chapel lead by our Student Council on Thursday was a bittersweet one. With few students remaining on campus, chapels have now transitioned to video stream. Continuing to worship together in this way remains important, Christ-centred community continues to be a focal point even during this unique time. The Student Council Spiritual Life Committee leader, Carmen Friesen, shared encouragement with her peers as they unexpectedly move on from SBC….MORE

Posted on August 15th, 2019

Emily Dyck is going into her third year of study in the BA Christian Studies program with a minor in Counselling Ministry. She spent her summer serving in Belize at Belize Camping Experience (BCE), an organization founded by SBC alumni Alexander and Leah Perez…..MORE

Posted on January 26th, 2017

When the body of faith comes together to celebrate communion, there is often a need for music to reflect the deep significance of the service and provide a musical reflection as people participate in communion. Here are a few excellent songs to use as part of your next communion service….MORE
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